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A Fix For The Broken PhotoShelter Login Page Problem (Firefox and Chrome)

If you are using the Manual Customization mode and haven’t inlined your CSS (more on inlining below), you may have noticed that the PhotoShelter login page on your manually customized website – that is the page your clients use to log into the galleries of images you shot for them – looks broken on Firefox […]

Use WordPress And PhotoShelter To Build Your Photographer Website

There are many ways to skin a cat. When it comes to websites for photographers my favorite setup is WordPress + PhotoShelter. That combo provides excellent design flexibility, more SEO options, good admin interfaces and e-commerce-enabled photo archive management.

How To Get Your Symbolset Web Font To Work With PhotoShelter

Have you tried Symbolset? A nifty symbol font that allows you to add social media and other icons to your website by loading a font instead of images. It loads fast, looks good and is easy to set up if you know a little html. See them in use at the bottom of this page […]

Add Your Author Info To PhotoShelter Galleries in Google Search Results

Photography is personal. Your images are what they are because you took them. In short, you’re an author. As you may know given the right information Google will highlight authors in it’s search results. The good news is you can make that happen for your PhotoShelter galleries by adding a snippet of code to your […] Supporting Anton Hammerl’s Kids

In April London-based photographer Anton Hammerl was shot by Qaddafi loyalists in Libya near Brega. For 44 days the regime told his family he was alive and in detention along with 3 other kidnapped journalists. The truth is he was left to die in the desert. Anton had 3 children, including a newborn baby. Now […]

Add a Google +1 Button to your PhotoShelter galleries and website

WARNING: for Manual Customizers and photographers with access to their site’s code only. Yesterday Google released +1 buttons for use on any website. When a visitor clicks a +1 button on a page, he/she recommends that page to friends, contacts and the rest of the world. The next time that visitor’s connections Google something, they […]

Print Sales Website For Injured War Photographer João Silva

Photographer João Silva lost both legs when he stepped on a mine while on assignment in Afghanistan. We launched a new website today to sell his prints and collect donations. Help him!

Now a Certified PhotoShelter Consultant

As of today, I am a Certified PhotoShelter Consultant.


Charlie Mahoney is a former banker turned talented photojournalist with a surging career. He wanted to upgrade to his simple all-Flash portfolio website to something much more powerful. It went live a few days ago.