Update Your Location on Your Website From Your Cell Phone

You are definitely the best photographer for the job in your area and your website makes that very clear. But what happens when you travel and become available in a new area?

It would be smart to keep your location information current on your website. At best you will be considered for a job is this new location; at worst you will have kept your regular client back home in the loop and saved him/her from making a phone call for nothing.

The problem is that right now updating your website means lifting the hood and dealing with html, css, ftp, login, password, wifi and more. You could call your web designer but that will probably cost you $$$ and it will definitely take time. If only you could update your location on your website straight from your cell phone. If only…

Let me help with that.

Pocket-LocatorMeet Pocket Locator. These last few weeks I have been spending way too much time advising the developer of this nifty little free mobile web application (it’s not an iPhone App) that lets you instantly update your location information on your own website with the touch of a button on your web-enabled cell phone.

It isn’t only for photographers and it isn’t for all photographers – if you never move around, you don’t need to update – but it is a solution to a problem that has frustrated many of you for a long time. The best about it is there are no strings attached whatsoever: no backlink, no widget, no ugly logo, no badges, no rewards, no showing of your location anywhere but on your website. It produces plain text information that you can display in any way you want anywhere you choose. And that makes Pocket-Locator quite different from all the other location sharing devices such as Foursquare, Google Latitude, Facebook Places or Dopplr.

And it is the easiest thing in the world to set up. Create an account, grab the line of code, embed it, done.

And please make a donation (I don’t get any of it, the server does. Yep, that’s the pecking order around here). You wouldn’t believe the amount of resources something as simple as this requires.