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How Does a Photographer Find Her Blogging Voice?

Photographers often ask me if they should blog. Blogging is hard. It takes time. People will judge the result. And what will you write about anyway? Well there are several reasons for a photographer to have a blog and ways for her to find her voice.

Delivered: Nat Geo Photographer Alison Wright Switched From Neon Sky To WordPress + PhotoShelter

Alison Wright is probably the photographer you wanted to be when you first dreamt of becoming a photographer. Traveling the world often for the iconic Nat Geo, she need a website that could put forward a lot of information.

Delivered: Website For Belgian Photographer Valentin Bianchi

Valentin Bianchi is a young and motivated photographer based in Liège, Belgium. He is doing all he can to build his career. These are still early days but he already has a handful of interesting projects. More importantly he has a really interesting eye. Call him if you need images from North Western Europe.

Delivered: Harold Feinstein’s Website Gets An Upgrade To Responsive

I build Harold Feinstein’s original website just before responsiveness became a must-have feature. This relaunch involved a complete re-coding of the site but no major modification of the styling.

Make Your Photography Website Mobile-Friendly (Or What Is Responsiveness?)

In 2015 all websites should be responsive. But what does responsive mean? Why is it so important? Will it affect my Google ranking? How do I go about making my photography site responsive? Here are some answers.

A Fix For The Broken PhotoShelter Login Page Problem (Firefox and Chrome)

If you are using the Manual Customization mode and haven’t inlined your CSS (more on inlining below), you may have noticed that the PhotoShelter login page on your manually customized website – that is the page your clients use to log into the galleries of images you shot for them – looks broken on Firefox […]

Photographers: Protect Your Archive Images With A Watermark

Remember when a photographer’s archives used be his or her retirement plan? That’s long gone but you should nonetheless protect your life’s work from theft. And there is only one truly effective way to do that.

Tools I Use: Managed WordPress Hosting by WPEngine

Choosing a hosting provider isn’t easy. They all claim you won’t find better. Here is my hosting recommendation for a WordPress-powered photography site based on personal experience and minimum requirements for a business setup.

Writing Your About Page On Your Photographer’s Website

Most photographers dread having to put their About page together. Not only do you have to go all metaphysical (Who are you? Really) but you have to do it in writing. Short or long text? Funny, factual or inspirational? First or third person voice? Modest or self-confident? Headshot or not? It makes editing your own […]

Use WordPress And PhotoShelter To Build Your Photographer Website

There are many ways to skin a cat. When it comes to websites for photographers my favorite setup is WordPress + PhotoShelter. That combo provides excellent design flexibility, more SEO options, good admin interfaces and e-commerce-enabled photo archive management.

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