New Website For Legendary Photographer Harold Feinstein

A few weeks ago I received a phone call from Harold Feinstein’s long-time partner Judith asking me if I could help them relaunch Harold’s dated website and set them up with a PhotoShelter-based photo archive.

Former homepage

Former homepage

The existing website was getting old. It had been built in-house using iWeb and, while it didn’t look that bad, it certainly looked out-dated and lacked many of the functionalities that are now commonplace.

Harold Feinstein’s career – think Photo League, Jazz Loft, Coney Island and Korean war – is long, rich and on-going. It was obvious they had a ton of content to share with their visitors. It quickly became clear that this project would be a perfect match for the WordPress + Slideshowpro + PhotoShelter combo that I recommend for most photographers.

  1. It allows the client to easily edit both static pages (About, Contact, Books, etc.), posts and portfolio slideshows (through SlideshowPro Director).
  2. It enabled us to build a homepage that would please Google (rich text content) and engage visitors by offering them multiple entry points.
  3. The addition of seamlessly customized PhotoShelter-powered archives suddenly makes it much easier for the client to manage the licensing of Harold’s massive photo collection.
Screen grab of Harold Feinstein's new website

New homepage

It turns out that the recommendations, explanations, tutorials and support that I always provide alongside the designing and building of a new site were a key part of the project. Judith and her assistant Cherie know all about fine art prints and the photo market but they needed help understanding exactly how much can be done online nowadays and how to get the most out of WordPress and PhotoShelter.

Needless to say, working on this project was particularly interesting. Not only are Harold’s images remarkable but his story and life experiences are fascinating. I am extremely happy to have been part of this.

We pressed the “Go Live” button for the new site a couple of weeks ago. The PhotoShelter pages will be visible once the full archive of images has been uploaded by the client.