Add Your Author Info To PhotoShelter Galleries in Google Search Results


*** UPDATE *** 29 August 2014.
Google has just announced the decision to stop showing authorship in search results which means this post is now obsolete.

Photography is personal. Your images are what they are because you took them. In short, you’re an author.

As you may know given the right information Google will highlight authors in it’s search results. The good news is you can make that happen for your PhotoShelter galleries by adding a snippet of code to your manually customized PhotoShelter pages (you will need to have access to your code) and tweaking a few simple settings. This is ideal for photojournalists of course but I think it is also helpful for non-press photographers.

Google Author Information in Search Results

I’m sure you have seen these little headshots popping up in search results. Notice the additional byline links? All this connects the search result to it’s author.

Google search result author example
Author information for one of my PhotoShelter galleries as it appears in a search result

That matters because you want your content to stand out from other results, because it makes your results more recognizable as yours and because Google is developing “AuthorRank” which basically boosts content produced by well-received and popular “agents” in results.

An additional advantage of authorship details are the bonus links that appear when you click on a search result with authorship markup and then return to the search results after reading the article, Google will display three additional links below the result. Some people say it takes two minutes away from the search results for the links to appear once you return but in my experience it takes longer than that.

Additional links to your content in search results
Additional links appearing under my gallery listing in search results

Get a Google+ Profile Page

You should already have one (if nothing else, it’s a great directory to be listed in) but if you don’t, go ahead and sign up. It’s easy to do and totally free. Make sure that the image that you pick for your Google+ profile photo is recognizable and works well small as that is what will be used in the search results listings.

Associate Your PhotoShelter Gallery With Your Google+ Profile Page

There are two ways to verify authorship of your content but only one will work for PhotoShelter galleries. Normally you would be able to link your content to your Google+ profile by verifying your email address but to do that you would need an email address with the same domain as the content page, i.e.

Fortunately for non-PhotoShelter employees there is an alternative option: linking your content directly to your Google+ profile. Add a link to your Google Profile your gallery pages: Gallery Display and Gallery Image Display. Use your profile URL and name obviously:[html]images by <a href="" rel="author">David Brabyn</a>[/html]

rel=”author” tells Google that I’m the creator of the page. On my Gallery Display page I added “images by David Brabyn” after my image counter because I think it makes sense for a byline to appear there but you can add the link anywhere you want. On my Gallery Image Display pages I added it right after the caption.

Once you’ve linked your gallery to your Google Profile, go to your Google Profile and add your PhotoShelter archive URL to the contributor links section.

Google+ contributor information

That’s it. Simple. Check what Google is seeing with their useful structured data testing tool (requires a Google Webmaster Tools account).

Of course you can link your portfolio and blog content in the same way. This time you probably have an email address with the same domain name as the URLs to those pages so you can simply verify your email address. You only need to do this once. Your email will appear in the Contributor to section of your Google+ profile.

Watch Google’s Matt Cutts and Othar Hansson discuss how to connect authors with their content using authorship markup:


  1. Melissa N

    Hi David, great site and post. I’ve looked in my Photoshelter customization pages however and can’t find anywhere in either Gallery Display or Image Display to post in these links… does this only work with the top end memberships? Thx

    • David

      Hi Melissa,

      Are you in Manual Customization mode? That’s a prerequisite because you need to have access to the code of these pages. Other than that anyone can do this.

      If you are enter the line of code anywhere you want to display your byline (“images by…”). This does require some understanding of html.

  2. Melissa N

    Aaaah ok, no I’m not, although I have customized the css very slightly, I’m currently on a template rather than manual (until I learn wordpress to transfer the site and integrate somehow). Thanks though! :)

  3. Saurabh

    Thank you David for this tip. Its now working for me

  4. Piero

    Hi David,

    Thanks for posting this.

    Did you upgraded to Photoshelter Beam? Any idea on how to add authorship when upgraded? I’ve added the rel=author tag on my customized about page but I’m not sure if that’s enough. The authorship is still not showing up on google searches.



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